The BAPC 2021 is hosted by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and organized by a committee of study association STORM. If you have any questions or want to contact the BAPC 2021 committee, these are the ways to do it (in order of preference):

  1. Slack — The BAPC community maintains a Slack. Feel free to reach out to us on the #general channel in the Slack. For access, visit this link with token I heart Benelux. Questions on how to organize a preliminary, help with the ICPC system or general help may be asked here.

  2. Mail — Not into Slack? You can always drop us an email at: organization “at” BAPC “dot” EU.


Companies interested in supporting the contest or participating as a company team, can email us at: sponsoring “at” BAPC “dot” EU.


Within the Vrije Universiteit, the BAPC committee of study association STORM handles the organization of BAPC 2021 and consists of the following members, mentioned in alphabetical order:

  • Erik Baalhuis
  • Claudia Grigoras
  • Alex Jang
  • Lieve Jilesen
  • Sofia Konovalova
  • Mylène Martodihardjo
  • Shane Minnema
  • William Mooijer
  • Margaux Van Geem
  • Michael Vasseur
  • Youri van der Zwart